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Arjun Chaal

Did you know?

Belonging to the Combretaceae family, with the Latin name is Terminalia Arjuna, this reddish bark of the plant is highly valued for its medicinal properties. In India, Arjuna is one of the most sacred trees, where the leaves and flowers are offered to Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha.

Benefits of Arjun Chaal

1. Heart Healthy

Arjuna is an amazing heart tonic and cardioprotective herb. It is potent in strengthening the cardiac muscles, improving the circulation of coronary artery blood flow and prevents the heart muscle from ischemic damage. A decoction of Arjuna with milk is a best-known cardiac tonic.

2. Controls Blood Pressure

Arjuna bark is potential in lowering the blood pressure. It helps to dilate and relax the blood vessels thereby helping it to maintain blood pressure at normal range.

3. Fights Inflammation

The strong anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants present in Arjuna shield the body against the harmful effects of toxins. Arjuna is an effective herb that is beneficial in slowing down the ageing. Furthermore, it can fight chronic inflammation and boost overall health and well-being.

4. Regulates Blood Sugar

The host of plant compounds tannins, saponins and flavonoids present in Arjuna tree helps in glucose metabolism and controls the sudden spike in the levels of blood glucose.


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